The Women’s Adventure Film Tour is back with its highly anticipated 8th season. It features an exhilarating selection of 8 new short films that showcase the inspiring journeys of remarkable women who have fearlessly pursued adventure in various fields. This year’s tour promises to captivate audiences with incredible stories of determination, courage, and triumph.

The Women’s Adventure Film Tour has been celebrated for its unique approach to showcasing women achieving their adventurous goals. Unlike traditional adventure films focusing solely on extreme feats, this tour aims to inspire everyone to step outside their comfort zone and challenge their boundaries – their personal Everest. It’s a celebration of bravery, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit within us.


 The Girl That Found Happiness – 2 min
Extreme Minds: Freediving Segment – 10 min
The Destiny of a Sherpa Woman– 12 min
The Ascension Series – Morag Skeleton – 5 min
A Bitch of a Race – 16 min
NGR: The Fabulous Life of Nancy Greene Raine – 10 min
For My Daughter’s Sake – 7 min
Solo – 35 min

Runtime: 100min • NR

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