With his eighth and most personal film, Alfonso Cuarón recreated the early-1970s Mexico City of his childhood, narrating a tumultuous period in the life of a middle-class family through the experiences of Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio, in a revelatory screen debut), the indigenous domestic worker who keeps the household running. Charged with the care of four small children abandoned by their father, Cleo tends to the family even as her own life is shaken by personal and political upheavals. Written, directed, shot, and co-edited by Cuarón, Roma is a labor of love with few parallels in the history of cinema, deploying monumental black-and-white cinematography, an immersive soundtrack, and a mixture of professional and nonprofessional performances to shape its author’s memories into a world of enveloping texture, and to pay tribute to the woman who nurtured him.

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Films at The Music Hall:

Blow Up
Friday, March 6 • 7pm • Historic Theater
Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, UK, 1966
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Saturday, March 7• 3pm • Loft
Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico, 2018, subtitled
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La Dolce Vita
Saturday, March 7 • 7pm • Historic Theater
Directed by Federico Fellini, Italy, 1960, subtitled

Musidora, La Dixième Muse
Sunday, March 8 • 1pm • Historic Theater
Directed by Patrick Cazals, France, 2013, subtitled
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Le Plaisir
Sunday, March 8 • 3pm • Historic Theater
Directed by Max Ophüls, France, 1952, subtitled
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About Il Cinema Ritrovato

Each summer, the Cineteca of Bologna, one of Europe’s most renowned centers for film restoration—seat of the Charlie Chaplin and Pier Paolo Pasolini archives—presents a nine-day film festival featuring restored films, early silent cinema, and director portraits. During the festival, titled Il Cinema Ritrovato (Rediscovered Cinema), more than 500 titles are presented in six cinemas and on a giant screen at a free outdoor screening in the fifteenth century Piazza Maggiore, in Bologna, which turns into a 2,000-seat open-air movie theater for the entire summer (Sotto le Stelle del Cinema). Il Cinema Ritrovato has been defined as “pure heaven for cinéphiles.” The 34rd edition will take place in Bologna on June 20-28, 2020.

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Running Time: 2h 15m • NR • Mexico • subtitled

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