Germany • d: Ilker Çatak • PG-13 • 1h 34m • English subtitles

The winner of numerous German Film Awards (Best Picture, Director, Actress, Screenplay and Editing), Ilker Çatak’s nerve-wracking drama (he wrote the script with with Johannes Duncker) follows a new teacher (a mesmerizing Leonie Benesch) as she attempts to get to the truth behind a series of alleged robberies at her school. Irked by how quickly others blame a Turkish student, she takes matters into her own hands. But that only sets off a cascade of school wide crises. Çatak and director of photography Judith Kaufmann create a vivid sense of place, perfectly capturing the antiseptic awkwardness of school life for both teachers and students. But then he twists the screws—narratively, emotionally, and stylistically—until what emerges is an allegory of paranoia, surveillance, institutional failure. Even the best of intentions can fray the social fabric.

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