The Loft is now…

The Music Hall Lounge!

What’s in a name? We’ve been hard at work in the Lounge, revitalizing the space to better suit our purposes and audience needs.

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Big Changes to Our Small Space

Equipment ages. From sound, lights, and bar infrastructure to seats and fixtures. When we began looking at replacing outdated, and worn items, we started thinking bigger than just replacement.  Now featuring an open-concept, nightclub vibe with flexible seating options and bar & small bites, the revitalized space will continue to host high-quality programming from around the corner or around the world, including musicians, comedians, and authors.

About the Loft 2011 – 2021

Opened in 2011, The Music Hall Loft served as our “smaller space” where we did everything that The Music Hall’s Historic Theater did, but at 1/10 scale. In the last decade not only have the industry and audiences changed, so have our needs for the space.

Shuttered due to the pandemic in March of 2020, the Loft has still found purpose as a flexible space without audiences. In addition to housing a 100-seat black box theater, the building is also home to our administrative offices. We were able to spread out as we returned to work, using all available space in the theater. We expect that the hybrid meetings are here to stay, and are keeping flexibility in mind.


Pre-Renovation & Construction photos

The Music Hall Lounge Renovation Project 2022

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