Considered Italy’s first feature-length film. An adaptation of Dante’s epic poem, in commemoration of the 700 (+1) years since his death. “Dante’s Inferno, with its fantastic images, stands…totally apart from the style of European films of the period. Its plastic beauty, deriving from a sophisticated visual culture, already proclaims the fantasy of the great Swedish and German masterpieces, thus showing the role played, in the 1910s, by the Italian cinema on the schools of the Countries of central Europe.” — Henri Langlois, Cinquante ans de cinéma italien

Live music accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis.

Runtime: 1h 5m • Italy (subtitled)

About Il Cinema Ritrovato

Every summer, the Cineteca of Bologna presents a film festival of restored films, early silent cinema, and director’s portraits, called Il Cinema Ritrovato. Described as “pure heaven for cinephiles,” the festival features films from all over the world.

The Music Hall is partnering with the University of New Hampshire to bring a number of films from Il Cinema Ritrovato to New Hampshire for a unique film festival.


Fri., March 25 • 4pm
Cleo de 5 à 7 (1962 • 1h 29m • France)

Fri., March 25 • 7pm
L’Inferno (1911 • 1h 5m • Italy)

Sat., March 26 • 3pm
Solo Sunny (1980 • 1h 45m • East Germany)

Sat., March 26 • 7pm
I Vitelloni (1953 • 1h 48m • Italy)

Sun., March 27 • 1pm
I Vitelloni (1953 • 1h 48m • Italy)

Sun., March 27 • 4pm
Oscar Micheaux – The Superhero of Black Filmmaking (2021 • 1h 19m • Italy)