The morning after. “It’s without breakfast…” the young Berlin woman Ingrid Sommer (played by Renate Krößner) tells her male overnight guest and opens the window of her apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. When the guest begins to argue, she adds: “It’s also without discussion.” Ingrid Sommer, stage name Sunny, is a singer. She has many admirers, but loves her independence. Sunny is the epitome of the independent, self-confident outsider. She doesn’t let men dictate what she wants. She tours the country with her band, performing in clubhouses and bars. Her success is only modest, but she longs for happiness and recognition. Solo Sunny is one of DEFA’s most popular contemporary films and quickly became a cult film in both East and West.

Runtime: 1h 45m • East Germany (subtitled)

About Il Cinema Ritrovato

Every summer, the Cineteca of Bologna presents a film festival of restored films, early silent cinema, and director’s portraits, called Il Cinema Ritrovato. Described as “pure heaven for cinephiles,” the festival features films from all over the world.

The Music Hall is partnering with the University of New Hampshire to bring a number of films from Il Cinema Ritrovato to New Hampshire for a unique film festival.


Fri., March 25 • 4pm
Cleo de 5 à 7 (1962 • 1h 29m • France)

Fri., March 25 • 7pm
L’Inferno (1911 • 1h 5m • Italy)

Sat., March 26 • 3pm
Solo Sunny (1980 • 1h 45m • East Germany)

Sat., March 26 • 7pm
I Vitelloni (1953 • 1h 48m • Italy)

Sun., March 27 • 1pm
I Vitelloni (1953 • 1h 48m • Italy)

Sun., March 27 • 4pm
Oscar Micheaux – The Superhero of Black Filmmaking (2021 • 1h 19m • Italy)