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January 20, 2017

Sponsor Spotlight:  Tinios Pro Hospitality Group


For this month’s Sponsor Spotlight, I had the opportunity to sit down with John Tinios of Tinios Pro Hospitality Group to talk about the inspiration behind his latest restaurant as well as what special offers Music Hall ticket holders may expect in the coming months as part of our newly expanded partnership.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tinios Pro Hospitality Group, they are a New Hampshire-based business with 5 restaurants on the Seacoast, and for over a decade they have been a supporter of our theater in various forms, including providing pastries for our writers receptions. I am pleased to announce that not only are they back as a corporate partner, but they are sponsoring our ticket stock.

Allison Crosscup: Can you tell us more about Tinios Pro Hospitality Group, its history and the different businesses that make up the Tinios family of restaurants?

John Tinios: Of course. Currently we have our two Popovers on the Square locations - one in Portsmouth and one in Epping; Grill 28, the restaurant at Pease Golf Course; and Kay’s Café, Tinos Greek Kitchen, and the Galley Hatch which all share a location in Hampton.

Galley Hatch first opened 47 years ago in 1970 by my late parents, so I’ve been in Hospitality for most of my life. I have a business partner who is a Master Baker and he and I developed the Popovers concept and just celebrated our tenth anniversary in our Portsmouth location last year.  The restaurant industry is constantly changing and definitely growing, particularly in our area. As we look to grow and evolve, it’s important that with five separate management teams and more than a few hundred employees they all feel empowered to connect and inspire one another with the notion that we are all one very large team under the Tinios Pro Hospitality Group umbrella.

AC: You offer several creative loyalty cards and other incentives at Tinios restaurants.  Can our patrons expect to enjoy the same kind of inspired offers using their Music Hall tickets in the coming months?

JT: Each location has their own individual loyalty program based on a points system- each one tailored to their location, price point, etc., and all have become an extremely popular with our regulars. We have looked into a shared loyalty program for all of our locations but we aren’t quite there yet. However, with The Music Hall tickets - guests will be able to receive 10% off any of our locations. This is actually the first of its kind for us!

AC: I also want to offer my congratulations. I saw Tinos Greek Kitchen celebrated its first anniversary in December 2016!  Can you tell us more about the genesis for this restaurant, the inspiration behind its design, and what your favorite part is about opening a new location?

JT: The inspiration behind Tinos comes from the Greek Island, Tinos, where my family came from. My father and I had always discussed our dream of opening up a Greek Restaurant and so the idea was always in the back of my mind. The concept that is now Tinos has been a collaboration with our Executive Chef/General Manager Mark Segal, who’s done a fantastic job of taking traditional Greek influences, sourcing locally, and creating a menu that offers something for anyone who enjoys great food. I love Greek food, but not everyone does - and our menu has proven to satisfy both types of guests alike.  My favorite part of opening up a new location is the excitement of putting together a team that has the same goals, drive, and dedication to food and hospitality that I have; there’s always something more to learn and with each location there’s always learning. 

AC: Tinios Pro Hospitality Group has a strong commitment to the Seacoast community.  Why is this sense of community and connection such an important part of your business?

JT: It’s been ingrained in me from day one. My parents were always community-driven and proud to be a part of the community whether it be education, the arts, or sports, and we understand the importance of supporting the community that supports our restaurants. Through the years I’ve seen over and over again the power of a community when it works together.

AC: What would you say your favorite part about your partnership with The Music Hall is?

JT: The Music Hall has been a treasure for the Seacoast, being able to bring quality entertainers, speakers, movies, and plays to the area, and without a doubt has gained a huge following. Their successes and mission continue to benefit the community and as a result us as a partner.

AC: And on a personal level, how do I get a tour of The Commissary—the facility where you bake all your delicious goodies?

JT: We can certainly set up a time with our Director of Baking, Jennifer Beach, who has been with us since the opening of Popovers. She has this down to a science.  There is a lot going on in this 4,000 sq ft. facility starting most days at 3am, from the recipe testing for our Gluten Free items, baking, decorating, and to distribution. The Commissary is definitely our hidden gem.

To learn more about Tinios Pro Hospitality Group, visit http://www.tinioshospitality.com/.

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ACrosscupAllison joined The Music Hall from the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. She has been in the development field for more than 13 years and during this time has worked with a range of corporate partners, foundations, and government agencies. At The Music Hall, Allison is directly involved in cultivating corporate support and helping to advance the organization's development operations.
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