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At A Glance: Starting April 2024

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It’s the sweetest time of the year Community

It’s the sweetest time of the year

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for me to pull out my baking pans, remember how to use my oven, and start building my Gingerbread House. For those of you who know me personally, or have been following this blog for awhile, you know that I take this competition very seriously, I’m even a member of the committee that runs the competition. I’ve built a first draft of my model, I’ve reached out to expert bakers for tips and tricks (and I want to send a very big THANK YOU to Popovers on the Square for ALLLLLLL of their help!), and roped in some coworkers. Read More Read More
Take home a piece of Cuba Essay

Take home a piece of Cuba

As I was curating items for this year’s annual auction, I was approached about including an original photograph of Cuba by famed large format photographer Andrew Moore. From the moment I saw this picture I knew it was special, the blue light of sunset casting a warm glow on buildings that were falling into disrepair, the warm lights coming from the windows, it captured the beauty and sadness of Cuba so well. Read More Read More
An Award Winning Movie Line Up at The Music Hall Essay

An Award Winning Movie Line Up at The Music Hall

I love watching the award shows, from the red carpet coverage all the way through to the Best Picture award winner, I settle in on my couch, with my popcorn and cheer for the one movie that I had actually seen. I used to wonder where you could see some of these lesser known movies and always resolved that next year I’d see all of the Best Picture nominees, a resolution that never seemed to happen. That is until I started working here at The Music Hall. Thanks to our stellar line up of movies, I have the chance to see almost all of the films that are up for awards. I figured I’d share what movies we have that are nominated (or have won) so you can mark your calendars. Read More Read More
2016 a Music Hall year in review Essay

2016 a Music Hall year in review

What a year 2016 has been here at The Music Hall and, well, in general. While the world around us was full of ups and downs, they great thing about TMH is we had a year that was packed full of entertaining shows, memorable moments, and a brand new type of popcorn. Last week I highlighted some of the great shows coming up, so this week, I thought that I would share some of the magical moments of 2016. Read More Read More
My Job is better than Ice Cream Essay

My Job is better than Ice Cream

This Summer, my Aunt and I made a pact to have a “No Bummer Summer.” Our goal for this summer was to opt in to any and all fun activities, to do and see things that we haven’t done before, and in general, just to have a ton of fun. I took that premise, that was supposed to apply to my personal life, and I also made it my motto for what I do here at The Music Hall. Read More Read More

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