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Classic Hollywood: What a Character!

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Keeping You Safe During COVID-19 In Brief

Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

We are doing everything we can for the safety of our patrons, staff, and volunteers. Our phased approach started with a new outdoor concert series out on Chestnut Street and now that our brand new HVAC system has been installed, we are open inside the Historic Theater to limited audiences! Read More Read More
From Our New Executive Director In Brief

From Our New Executive Director

Hello! It’s wonderful to officially introduce myself to you all as The Music Hall’s new Executive Director! When I joined The Music Hall five years ago as the CFO, it was a full-circle opportunity. Having started out in community theater and working with local bands, I leaped at the chance to return to the arts and entertainment industry.  Read More Read More
We Want to Hear from You! In Brief

We Want to Hear from You!

As The Music Hall develops its reopening plan, following all CDC, state, and local guidelines including social distancing and PPE, we want to make sure we hear from you, address your concerns, and have everything in place to make your return comfortable and safe. Read More Read More
Hello, Goodbye, and Thank You! In Brief

Hello, Goodbye, and Thank You!

One of The Music Hall’s most valuable assets has always been a highly engaged Board of Trustees—local professionals, philanthropists, and motivated volunteers who are dedicated advocates. These incredible folks bring years of experience from all sectors of the community to the table. Read More Read More
Filmworker Show & Tell

Show & Tell Tonight for Filmworker

Okay, here’s the setup. It turns out that during his legendary career of turning out pretty much nothing but masterpieces, Stanley Kubrick had an assistant named Leon Vitali. Vitali started out as an actor but gave up his career to spend two decades as Kubrick’s assistant, man-of-all-work, and enabler. Read More Read More

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