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Filmworker Show & Tell

Show & Tell Tonight for Filmworker

Okay, here’s the setup. It turns out that during his legendary career of turning out pretty much nothing but masterpieces, Stanley Kubrick had an assistant named Leon Vitali. Vitali started out as an actor but gave up his career to spend two decades as Kubrick’s assistant, man-of-all-work, and enabler. Read More Read More
Innovative Programming & Giving Back #MyMusicHall

Innovative Programming & Giving Back

Each season ignites a fire for the next. I am constantly inspired by the programming and conversations we are able to bring through The Music Hall’s doors. As we are celebrating our 140th birthday, we are excited to share the astonishing season to come. From stunning singers and musicians to captivating cinema and writers, there is truly something for everyone at The Music Hall, and that is all thanks to each of you. Read More Read More
We Love UNH Conferences and Catering! Sponsor Spotlight

We Love UNH Conferences and Catering!

We’ve got a lot to celebrate at The Music Hall: dedicated members, energetic patrons, generous donors, incredible volunteers, talented staff, renowned artists, and the list goes on. When we’re aiming to celebrate in style, with a creative menu, we always look to our partners at University of New Hampshire Conferences and Catering. Read More Read More
Sharing the Theater Experience Community

Sharing the Theater Experience

I’m standing in the back of a sold out show in the Historic Theater. The crowd is rowdy until the lights go down to a chorus of “Shhhhs.” Then the stage lights come on and the dinosaurs come out and the audience fills with appreciative “Ooohs” and delightful chuckles. This is not your average Music Hall show but it is one of my favorite activities: I’ve come to watch a School Days Series matinee performance of Dragons Love Tacos and Other Story Books. Read More Read More

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