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Show & Tell: The Great Buster

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The Heroin Effect Innovation + Leadership

The Heroin Effect

Two years ago, while the seacoast community was reeling from another heroin-induced death, we at The Music Hall felt strongly that we needed to start talking about this epidemic and the very real impact it was having. Part of our mission is to be a place that inspires conversations and from that, our Let’s Talk About series came to life. We called together experts in education, treatment, recovery, and law enforcement to have a moderated discussion. Community members were invited to join us to talk about what we could do to help end this epidemic. Participants ranged from recovering addicts, parents looking for ways to talk to their children about drugs, seacoast residents, and legislators. That night, we were also joined by a couple of filmmakers, who were creating a documentary on effects heroin has on a community. Read More Read More
Let’s Talk Community

Let’s Talk

I’ll never forget reading the story of the Stanford Sexual Assault Survivor. I can’t imagine the strength that it took for her to stand up, face her attacker, and tell the world her story. To then watch it downplayed by the justice system because her attacker was a star athlete really stuck with me. I wondered what kind of message we were sending, not just to the children watching this play out in the news, but to the other people who had suffered the same way this woman had, or worse what does this say to the people who have committed this crime. Read More Read More
Life Backstage: Mokoomba Community

Life Backstage: Mokoomba

In our second installment of Life Backstage we sat down with Mokoomba, who hail from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Their sound is vibrant and distinct, combining traditional Tonga and pan-African music cultures with dashes of Rap, Ska, Soukous, and Afro-Cuban music. They appeared as part of our Live @ the Loft series. Our Deputy Director of Programming, Thérèse LaGamma caught up with them just before their show.       Read More Read More
The Food Fight that changed America Community

The Food Fight that changed America

When I first came to The Music Hall I thought that I was going to spend my days marketing upcoming shows and expanding my music taste. For me, The Music Hall was a concert venue that brought in a lot of shows and filled the town with tourists. I quickly learned that the theater is so much more than that. While we bring in so many amazing concerts, authors, and comedians, we also work to start and facilitate conversations on issues that impact our community. Read More Read More

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