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At A Glance: Starting April 2024

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The Classroom Can Be Anywhere Explore and Learn

The Classroom Can Be Anywhere

You are all amazing. I am so inspired by the teachers who adapted so quickly and expertly to online teaching, by the parents at the kitchen counter helping the lessons sink in, by the kids who prove time and time again that they are our hope and future. From our own kitchen counters, we appreciate you and thank you for all that you do.  Read More Read More
Welcome learners of all ages! Explore and Learn

Welcome learners of all ages!

What a challenging time it's been both for learners and for educators (both teachers and parents)! Our hats are off to all of you with gratitude and admiration. The Music Hall is so looking forward to getting our School Days Series back up and running in 2021! Nothing helps make learning fun and make long-lasting memories like live theater. Read More Read More
Sharing the Theater Experience Community

Sharing the Theater Experience

I’m standing in the back of a sold out show in the Historic Theater. The crowd is rowdy until the lights go down to a chorus of “Shhhhs.” Then the stage lights come on and the dinosaurs come out and the audience fills with appreciative “Ooohs” and delightful chuckles. This is not your average Music Hall show but it is one of my favorite activities: I’ve come to watch a School Days Series matinee performance of Dragons Love Tacos and Other Story Books. Read More Read More

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