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Paul Dykstra Plays Tchaikovsky with Great Bay Philharmonic —Inaugural Performance!

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Show & Tell: Let The Sunshine In Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Let The Sunshine In

It’s July and there is sun to enjoy, drinks are being served on decks and patios, boats and kayaks are beckoning from the harbor, and there’s sand begging to be lain upon. So why am I inviting you to sit in a darkened theater and watch a movie? Let’s see how short I can make this. Read More Read More
Filmworker Show & Tell

Show & Tell Tonight for Filmworker

Okay, here’s the setup. It turns out that during his legendary career of turning out pretty much nothing but masterpieces, Stanley Kubrick had an assistant named Leon Vitali. Vitali started out as an actor but gave up his career to spend two decades as Kubrick’s assistant, man-of-all-work, and enabler. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Lean On Pete Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Lean On Pete

A national holiday, even one as somber as Memorial Day, is usually a beneficial break from routine. But I count on routine to tell me what I should be doing on any particular day, and when I got to work today and discovered that I had blown my usual Monday afternoon invitation to a film discussion at The Music Hall, I grew slightly impatient with myself. I may even have said, “Darn it!” or something similar. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: RBG Show & Tell

Show & Tell: RBG

With most movies to which I send discussion invitations, I try to spend a little time giving you a sense of what the movie’s about and why you might want to see (and discuss) it. With RBG (which we will be discussing on Tuesday evening), I think most of my work is already done. Read More Read More

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