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Cozy up with The Music Hall! Musings

Cozy up with The Music Hall!

With the end of summer around the corner, the time for sweaters and hoodies is among us! If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is the value of comfy clothes, and lucky for you, The Music Hall has got you covered! We have updated our tees (both long and short sleeved) as well as our sweatshirts Read More Read More
Kicking Off the New Season with Gusto! Musings

Kicking Off the New Season with Gusto!

We’re well into our 2021-2022 season now and eagerly looking ahead to a packed Fall! Join us in celebrating the in-person return of beloved series such as Intimately Yours and Writers on a New England Stage, as well as Telluride by the Sea Film Festival (TBTS) and our holiday production in partnership with the Ogunquit Playhouse!  Read More Read More
Thank you, Thank you! Musings

Thank you, Thank you!

If you listen in on any of The Music Hall meetings or even in the hallway of our Admin offices at The Loft, one word that comes up daily is “gratitude.” Gratitude for those who show up for us, send kind notes, smile under masks or over Zoom; for those who donate their time as a volunteer or on our Board, or their funds via memberships, donations, or tickets. Thank you to everyone who kept us open.  Read More Read More
An even brighter future awaits! Musings

An even brighter future awaits!

It’s been a great ride! I’ve been lucky to serve The Music Hall as executive director, producer, interviewer, emcee, and talent wrangler for 16 years. I am filled with gratitude for the kindness and support all of you have shown me; it’s been a group effort from the beginning and I am thankful for our time together. Read More Read More
Escape for a Few Hours with Us Musings

Escape for a Few Hours with Us

Sometimes schedules dictate our lives and often it seems like we’re in the middle of constant chaos. Between school, work, family, doctor appointments, and all other sorts of extracurriculars, we may rarely have a moment for ourselves.  Read More Read More

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