A Day with Belle

For those of you who aren’t on Instagram, I didn’t want you to feel left out, so without further ado, I invite you to be Belle’s guest!

insta takeover 1 Good Morning Instagram! Catherine Charlebois here, taking over the Music Hall for the day to show you what a two show day of “Beauty and the Beast” looks like behind the curtain. For me, the day always begins like this! And a special thanks to the awesome gals Buff and File in Portsmouth for keeping Belle’s nails on point!
insta takeover 2 Fuel for the play! A lot of our cast lives together, and this morning, the gang organized a fabulous brunch! Mrs. Potts and Lumiere made French toast and bacon, Madame de la grande bouche made sweet potato hash and the Beast whipped up omelettes! Praying for no food coma! 
insta takeover 3 Our beautiful home The Music Hall! Time to get stretched, warmed up, and ready for show #1! Will we be seeing you at the matinee?
insta take over 4 I love getting ready for the show. Makeup and hair really make me feel like I am ready to jump into Belle’s shoes! I also keep notes, photos and opening night cards in my dressing room to feel the support and love from my cast as well as my family and friends from home. It feels like I carry a little bit of home with me into my travels.
insta takeover 5 Five minutes to showtime! I love seeing as many people as I can before we jump onstage. This is the fantastic Hayden Clifton who plays a million different roles in the show and makes me smile over and over onstage and off!!
insta takeover 6 The commander of our ship! Our stage manager extraordinaire Karen Parlato makes sure everything runs safely, smoothly and with lots of laughs! She keeps some friends at her station where she calls the show; Piggy, the tap dancing mascot and a mini Belle and Beast!
insta takeover 7 The Beast in his natural habitat! Jason Michael Evans keeps himself busy during a little downtime. His makeup, prosthetics, and hair take some serious work and time; it is even more magical to see him transform back into a handsome prince! Come visit us at The Music Hall to see for yourself!
insta takeover 8 I have a quick break in act one during “Gaston” and after grabbing some water, I love to smile and laugh watching our amazing company dance their tails off! “My what a guy, that Gaston!”
insta takeover 9 “Napkins, s’il vous plait!”
Some of our ridiculously talented ensemble members after a certain show stopping number you may know. Napkins, utensils, a creamer, and sugar bowl and even a salt shaker! Be Our Guest is one of my favorite moments in the show!
insta takeover 10 In between shows, I love to grab some dinner around Portsmouth and I always pop into Breaking New Grounds for a coffee and a sweet treat! The ginger molasses cookie is my favorite. Our company is totally in love with this sweet town and feel so lucky that the community has opened it’s arms to welcome us for the holidays.
Walking back into the theatre. Are you KIDDING ME with this?! Our production of “Beauty and the Beast” with the Ogunquit Playhouse fits perfectly into this charming space.
insta takeover 12 I always try to keep things peppy and upbeat in my dressing room by pumping the tunes! Tonight, Ariana Grande is helping to get us ready for show #2.
insta takeover 13 Here we go!! Ready for the overture to start
Hayden Clifton and Jessica Riloff are ready for a second trip to our “Little Town” tonight! Voguing on Gaston’s giant throne from the tavern.
insta takeover 15 When there is no more space backstage, things have to be stored up in the rafters-Belle’s gold gown included! I giggle every night when I turn the corner and run into this huge pile of fluff!
insta takeover 17 Lefou is always hanging by Gaston’s side, even while he checks his email! Peter Saide and Jake Bridges keep everyone laughing!!
insta take over 16 Intermission sillies! So many enchanted objects in one little hallway. Time to finish the play!!
insta takeover 18 After the curtain comes down, I love to walk past the gorgeous Christmas tree in the lobby of The Music Hall! It sure puts me in the holiday spirit! So thankful for our fantastic audiences today and hope you love this beautiful show as much as we do.
insta takeover 19 Back home for some tea and post show snacks surrounded by my Christmas decorations from my sweet parents! Thank you so much for following along to see what a two show day looks like backstage! I absolutely love getting to do this show and hope you take a trip to see us before we close this Sunday, December 18th!