A new popcorn has POPZUP at The Music Hall

We’ve recently partnered with local startup POPZUP, who makes Gluten and GMO Free popcorn that’s grown in America. As a pretty seasoned popcorn critic I convinced my coworker Sydney to sample the new popcorn and the fun flavor options that you can add on to them.

Popcorn Kait and Sydney

While I tend to be a traditionalist and gravitate towards a classic popcorn with a little bit of salt and light butter, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try the different flavors. Sydney, is our new Design Associate, was a willing accomplice. We’ve now got a flavor to satisfy any craving you could have, looking for a savory option, try the taco or ranch flavor, looking for a sweet treat, try out the Vermont maple seasoning, looking for something with a kick, try the sriracha chili. Personally, I’ve been alternating between the cheesy taco and the maple alder smoked flavors, while Sydney was a fan of the Vermont maple and the maple alder smoked,because she likes things a little sweet and a little salty. You can also mix and match flavors, really, the sky’s the limit! We discovered that the sriracha chili is really good with Sno-Caps mixed in.


Next time you’re at either theater, try out the new popcorn and flavors. We’d love to hear what you think of them and if you’ve found a fabulous flavor combination make sure to let us know. I keep up with all of our social streams and would love to see who shares my love of popcorn.