Annie’s Home for the Holidays

When I was about Annie’s age, I practically wore out my VHS copy of Annie (1982). I dragged my parents to see it on stage and I desperately wanted my own Sandy (and still do). When I heard Ogunquit Playhouse and The Music Hall were putting on Annie for the holiday musical, songs like “Tomorrow” and “Maybe,” plus years of memories immediately came back to me!

What warms my heart the most is the ending. Regardless of which version, stage or screen, Annie finding a real home gives hope to so many. Set that moment during the holidays and cue the tears! Those familiar with the stage version of Annie know the musical is set in the weeks leading up to Christmas when Mr. Warbucks opens his home to Annie and joins in the search for her parents. You may even recall the final number: Roosevelt’s Christmas present to the country, “New Deal for Christmas;” something most film versions have cut due to summertime filming.

Now imagine the spectacular sets of New York, mansions and more; a chorus of kiddos proclaiming “we love you, Miss Hannigan” (played by the pro, Sally Struthers); and outstanding choreography by Broadway actors and dancers—what are you waiting for? Home is where the heart is, and Annie’s home at The Music Hall this holiday season.