Community Partner Spotlight – The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation

Kait Smith: Why is supporting the arts important to the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation?
Terrie Norelli: The arts portray the good and the bad of life in a way that draws the attention of people.  Messaging through the arts aligns with one of the stated missions of the NH Women’s Foundation—that of education.  Education of issues can take many forms, and utilizing the arts as a tool to reach an audience is an invaluable asset to achieving our goals.

KS: Why does NHWF choose to partner with The Music Hall and what value does this partnership bring to the NHWF community?
TN: The Music Hall is a well known, well respected venue that guarantees built-in publicity for events.  The venue also increases the credibility of a program, and therefore the program’s community partners, simply by its participation.  The NHWF can attract a wider and, hopefully, larger audience for its programs by partnering with The Music Hall. Likewise, as a community partner, we can lend our community to The Music Hall.

KS: In what ways does our partnership help support the vision and mission of the NHWF?
TN: The mission of the NHWF is to promote opportunity and equality for women and girls in New Hampshire through research, education, philanthropy and advocacy.  By showing the film She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry at The Music Hall, we drew a wider audience and encouraged viewers to envision a world with social, economic and political gender equality.

KS: Is there anything else you would like to add?
TN: Partnering with The Music Hall to bring the film She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry was a tremendous educational success for the NHWF.  The word of mouth response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive, and the NHWF is exploring other regional showings in the state.  We look forward to partnering with The Music Hall many more times in the future, and hope the experience was beneficial to your organization as well as ours.