Elf The Musical is a Must-See!

Audience Reactions:

“The opening night was amazing! The stage was gorgeous, the actors rocked it. Lots of wonder from my children’s eyes!!”

“Amazing performance by all! Loved the spins on certain parts, very creative! I enjoyed every second!”

“Highly recommend—great performance by all!!”

“A delightful way to start the month of December and ignite my Christmas spirit!”

“My kids had an absolute blast at the show. Thank you for bringing this high-quality show to Portsmouth!”

“This production was 100%! Lots of fun, excellent dance numbers and very colorful.
We will be sure to spread the word.”

“Extraordinarily vibrant and energetic. The cast is fantastic. This show could be in New York City.”

“I absolutely loved it! Great stagecraft, acting, singing, and dancing! The cast was wonderful!
Cried and sniffed through it – a good sign that it was excellent!”

Don’t miss the incredible production that people are raving about! There is still great availability for seats during all the Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday shows. Be the “World’s Greatest Dad” or mom or grandparent by taking the kiddos to the Wednesday 1:30pm showings!

Here’s a tip from The Music Hall Staff: The balcony has the best views of the fancy footwork and we think it has the best sound!