Escape for a Few Hours with Us

Sometimes schedules dictate our lives and often it seems like we’re in the middle of constant chaos. Between school, work, family, doctor appointments, and all other sorts of extracurriculars, we may rarely have a moment for ourselves. 

Do you hear yourself say “I need to do that” or “I need to treat myself more”? But do you also have trouble making that change? Trust me, I know. And what works for me is just doing it! 
“We should hang out more!”—okay, when are you free next week? 
“I want to read more/ play/ learn more.” Okay, go to a book reading, pick up the guitar, or sign up for a panel. 

Join us and many fellow go-and-doers at a film, reading, or show! Escape the craziness of life in the midst of a crowd or the theater. Buy that ticket, mark yourself as “Going” on Facebook events (and if you buy your Music Hall tickets at the Box Office on Chestnut street, save on fees!). And don’t be afraid to hold me accountable too!