Fall 2018 Restaurant Week has Arrived!

Fall is finally here and so is one of our favorite events: Restaurant Week! From November 8–17, it’s a great time to sample local fare and those restaurants you’re not familiar with. We also love seeing so many of our sponsors and neighbors on the list. If you don’t make it this week, many offer discounts to our members year-round.

If you want to make a night of it, try dinner and movie or show! Here are a few pairings:

Try the Library Restaurant’s delicious menu before coming to see literary-like films such as The Wife or The Bookshop.

For a more tropical vibe, Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café may be perfect before coming to see Elin Hilderbrand on Wednesday the 14th.

If you are coming to see The Met at The Music Hall’s broadcast of Marnie, view the array of lunch menus on the Restaurant Week site.

And don’t forget to eat before Film Club’s Unforgiven. Might we suggest Ore Nell’s pulled pork sandwich?

Enjoy all of the amazing option this week and we’ll see you at The Music Hall soon!