How your donation supports Gather

Our Fill the Hall Food Drive on June 27 represents the best of our community. Hundreds of Seacoast residents donate their time, dollars, and much-needed food and non-perishable items in support of Gather and their Meals 4 Kids program, which ensures 900 kids won’t go without fresh and nutritious food while they are out of school.

Fill the Hall looks a little different this year, but the need has not changed—it has only grown. While we hope that you’ll still visit our curbside dropoff station at the Historic Theater or donate to your neighborhood food campaign, we understand the increased challenges of visiting your local grocery as we all do our part to stay home and socially distance. If you are unable to make it to Fill the Hall this year, we encourage you to consider a monetary donation. All proceeds go directly to Gather, which allows them to put your contribution to use across their entire operation. This is how Gather uses your generous donation to work on behalf of our community:

  • It costs about $25 per week per child for Meals 4 Kids, including the cost of dry goods, produce, veggies, milk, eggs, meat, bread, etc., for each child.
  • With Gather’s buying power through the NH Food Bank, they spend pennies on the dollar for common items. For example: 12 peanut butter jars = $1.35, a mere $0.11 each. Plus, many retailers provide discounts of 30-40% off, so a dollar can go much further.
  • Monetary donations allow Gather to purchase what they need when they need it, ultimately reducing the need for storage and waste.
  • A monetary contribution helps Gather to purchase fresh produce and meat through partnerships with local farmers.
  • Donations help keep Gather’s programs running, meaning your dollars support things like fuel for trucks, insurance, tolls, etc., and allow the organization to expand their reach by going to where people live, rather than requiring them to come to Gather.

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