Introducing #MyMusicHall

From that conversation we created #MyMusicHall, starting off with a series of video interviews with members of our community talking about their connection to the theater. What struck me as we were filming these stories, and we have some amazing stories coming your way, was the diversity of the impact the theater has had on people.

Today, we are launching our series with the chef and owner of the Franklin Oyster House and Moxy Restaurant, Matt Louis. Last fall, October- December, we were Franklin Oyster House’s non-profit partner who received the 25 cents from their happy hour oysters. During those three months, over $4000 was raised – to put that in perspective that’s 16,000 oysters – this year they have decided to make us their non-profit partner for the year. Working with FOH is always a pleasure and we thought it would be interesting to hear what motivates Matt to partner with us.

We will be rolling out more videos over the next couple of months, keep an eye on our blog and social media streams to see them. We’ll also be introducing a way for you to tell us your story in the coming weeks.