Join Us Under the Stars or in the AC!

To this curator team (and the whole organization, really), there is nothing more exhilarating than the buzz of a show night: the cascade of applause, the hustle and bustle behind the curtain, and the excited chatter with patrons after the show. We missed that, just as we are sure you did. Thank you for your patience as we worked through programming challenges and safety protocols

We’ve lined up some entertainment for you whenever you’re ready to come back to the Hall. Shows are back on inside the Historic Theater, and we will be showing some of those movies you were looking forward to, too. Out front, we packed our Live Under the Arch (LUTA) series with local and regional favorites, as well as some familiar faces. Keep an eye on our enews, social media, and calendar, as shows are dropping in all the time! 

You will see some changes to our calendar and procedures, thanks to COVID-19. LUTA will continue until the end of October and Loft shows will move over to the Historic Theater for more social distancing in the cooler months. The seats will be spread out and noted so you can find seats at least six feet away from your fellow patrons. And through it all, we remain focused on our town, the Seacoast, and our community as a whole. Our mission to give back while putting on great shows is thanks to your support, whether it’s by purchasing tickets, donating, becoming a member, or simply spreading the word. Thank you for your patronage and support of your local arts center—we wouldn’t be here without you!

Thérèse LaGamma, Director of Programming; Chris Curtis, Film & Outreach Manager; and Brittany Wason, Literary Coordinator