Member Spotlight: Kathryn & Mark Parenti

Membership Manager Jess Bunker spoke with Kathryn and Mark Parenti, Patron-level members at The Music Hall.

How did you first get introduced to The Music Hall? What drew you to become a Music Hall member?

Mark thinks it’s when we came to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals; I think it may have been earlier, but time flies! We really liked the venue—even when the bathrooms were just bathrooms, not the ones they are now. We enjoyed The Music Hall and the show so we looked into more events to attend. We decided that since we were going to more shows, we should become members and take advantage of those benefits as well.

You’ve joined us for just about all of our Director’s Club events! What do you love about Director’s Club? Is there an upcoming club event that you’re particularly looking forward to?

When we first started getting invitations to Director’s Club we thought, oh, one more thing to get out for. After attending our first Director’s Club we realized “Oh, this is one more thing to get out for!” It’s hard to meet people in this day and age, so coming to Director’s Clubs we’ve met quite a few new people who are great to talk to and experienced interesting venues that we hadn’t heard of or gotten to see yet. We really enjoyed the farm to table dinner at The Farm at Eastman’s Corner. We’re really looking forward to visiting Alnoba for the first time in May and seeing the sculptures [The collection is international and eclectic and includes masterworks by Andy Goldsworthy, Orly Ganger, Jaume Plensa, John Lopez, Allan Houser, and Ursula von Rydingsvard].

What are some of the unexpected benefits you’ve enjoyed from being a Music Hall member and what would you tell others who are considering joining?

Director’s Club was an unexpected benefit we didn’t realize was part of being a Patron member until we joined. I’ve also gotten to be part of a focus group that was really cool—I’ve been part of some focus groups for Lindt but this was the first non-food group. We talked about programming and what could be beneficial for The Music Hall. We’ve enjoyed other benefits as well like meeting performers, getting to buy tickets before the general public, and of course, the free popcorn and movie cards are an added perk!

You attend The Music Hall Opera Connection series as well. What’s your favorite part about it?

We love the simulcast where you get to see backstage and the goings on behind what you actually see on stage; it’s kind of like a factory tour. The opera is neat; it’s something new we’ve decided to jump on at The Music Hall and in general. We try to do as many interesting things as we can; life is short, you’ve got to fill it up!!