Member Spotlight: Ian Martin & Noah Lefebvre

Membership Coordinator Alexis Hahalis chatted with our Assistant Technical Director/Audio Supervisor Ian Martin (right) and our Master Electrician Noah Lefebvre (left) about tips for members.

What do you do here at The Music Hall?

IM: I’m the Assistant Technical Director/Audio Supervisor.
NL: I am the Master Electrician here, working alongside Jason Martin, the Technical Director, to maintain our lighting system. I have the joy of designing and often operating the lights for various traveling acts and events. We have 100+ fixtures and we work from plots and paperwork to customize the look for incoming shows. Often, we will prep the line sets for a performer’s team to meet their specific needs.

Who was your favorite artist to work with and why?

IM: Hands down, Trombone Shorty. In addition to being one of the best shows I’ve ever seen or worked, his sound engineer was a blast to work with and truly made the room sound fantastic with our house sound system.
NL: There is certainly a long list of people I’ve been very proud to work with on their productions. I don’t like favorites either…it’s just not how my brain works. Here’s a short list of who’s and why’s:

  • Weird Al – I am not often starstruck but it was a brilliant production with one of my favorite modern legends.
  • Reggie Watts – Everything from his instruments and effects to his omnidirectional performance absolutely blew my mind.
  • Billy Bragg – One of my favorite artists to grace the electric guitar. That was an absolute dream.
  • The Dirty Projectors – That was a very fast-paced day, but lucky for me because my jaw was dropped the entire time they graced our stage.
Are there any performances coming up that you’re particularly looking forward to working?

IM: Loft shows are fun for me because I actually get to work directly with the artist to create the sound that the audience will be experiencing. After listening to Jalen N’Gonda a bit, I’m excited to mix him. He’s got a cool style and sound that I think will complement the room nicely and will keep the energy up. It should be a good time.
NL:  I always look forward to the productions we share with the Ogunquit Playhouse. We spend nearly two months together every year and it becomes more like a family reunion every year. Also, I can’t wait to spend an evening with The Low Anthem. I’ve been running into them since 2009!

Can you tell us a Music Hall behind the scenes secret?

IM: Looking for a great seat in the house? Sit as close to the sound engineer as possible. Chances are good that you will better experience all of the little nuances that they are implementing.
NL: Occasionally, we will watch fireworks and air shows from the roof of the Historic Theater. Also, sometimes people mix up the light board and the soundboard, but if someone tells the lighting guy: “The sound is great! Great job!” they will still smile and say thanks. Don’t worry; the compliment still goes to the appropriate operator.