Music Hall member profile: Suzanne Patrakis

Alexis Hahalis: How long have you worked at The Music Hall and what is your position?
Suzanne Patrakis: I am the Senior Staff Accountant. I’ve worked here since early 2009 but did take a one year sabbatical a few years ago.

AH: As a member of the staff, why do you choose to be a member?
SP:I see it as another way to contribute to The Music Hall and to be a part of the audience.

AH: What is your favorite member benefit?
SP: The discounts at local businesses are kick ass.

AH: What is your favorite series at the Music Hall?
SP: I have an affinity for the Live at the Loft series. I’ve seen some great performers and I love that it’s an intimate room.

AH: What’s your favorite Member Discount to use?
SP: The 10% off at Runner’s Alley. They’ve got all sorts of fantastic shoes and gear.

AH: If could could bring any artist to The Music Hall, living or dead who would you have perform at the Historic Theater?
SP: That’s a tough question because I love all kinds of music but I’m going to go with Hank Williams.