My membership, my community

For me, my membership is the equivalent of putting my money where my mouth is. I truly believe in the work that we do here and am proud to be counted among the 3,000+ members. The best lesson I learned years ago was never ask someone to do something that you aren’t willing to also do, and this is something that I am thrilled to do. Also, the benefits are pretty great.

I find myself taking advantage of the discounts all around town. From buying note cards at Gus & Ruby Letterpress (I might be a little neurotic about thank you notes), picking up a quick slice of pizza at Joe’s New York Pizza, and even a discount on my dinner at The Library the discounts at the end of the year have more than paid for my membership and kept me shopping and dining local.

Perhaps my favorite benefit of my membership is the connection to my community, not just the Seacoast community, but The Music Hall community. Each time I use my card someone asks me about the theater, what’s coming up, what does a membership do, or tells me about their connection to The Music Hall. Over the last year I’ve heard countless stories about what TMH used to be like, from a movie house to a theater where they used to have to bring a sleeping bag with them in the winter to keep warm. My favorite stories are from the people who bought or sold bricks at the farmer’s market to save TMH from becoming condos and how much they’ve loved being part of the renaissance of the theater.

If you haven’t yet become a member or if you haven’t gotten around to renewing your membership, please consider becoming a member this month. You can become a member online HERE or feel free to call Alexis at 603-766-2176.