#MyMusicHall: Dean Diggins

Dean, a former board member, who was a professional dancer and professor in New York City, sat down with us to talk about the impact the theater has had on his life as well as the seacoast. It’s been fascinating to hear from people like Dean, who have been involved with The Music Hall for decades about how much of a role the theater has played in their lives.  As Dean said The Music Hall is “an amazingly artistic focus of the community that enriches it in a wonderful way.”

For me, after hearing so many stories about the importance of TMH in people’s lives, it struck me, without people like Dean, Monte, Matt, and all of you, this organization wouldn’t be as lively, vibrant, and relevant. What I’ve learned is that while TMH has given people a sense of place, the people of this community have given The Music Hall a sense of purpose, and it’s stories like this that remind me how fortunate I am to be a part of something that is truly special.