New Friends Are Our Favorite: Welcome, Lake Street Advisors

Chestnut Street is absolutely bustling these days, and all that action has inspired us to forge deeper relationships with our neighbors, including Lake Street Advisors. As an independent registered investment advisor, the team at Lake Street provides expert wealth management and dedicated, highly personalized service. Formed with a focus on holistic family services, they’ve advised generations, from tax and estate planning to insurance strategy and budget forecasting. We appreciate their commitment to family, and longevity, and are pleased to welcome them to our sponsor circle.

We are also thrilled to be hosting a group from Lake Street Advisors during Elf The Musical.  We love group sales; in fact we encourage them with special pricing (call Drew at the Box Office for details). Ashleigh Tucker Pollock, Manager of Corporate Partners at The Music Hall, was curious what prompted such a large group sale so she reached out Buddy Webb, Managing Partner to learn more about their holiday plans.

What attracted your attention to Elf The Musical? What will you do with so many tickets?

It started when The Music Hall first announced Elf was going to be your holiday musical.  Since the movie is my wife’s favorite we knew we would have to attend. I discussed with my leadership team at Lake Street and we thought inviting the entire company and their families would be a lot of fun. Well, the response was great and we are bringing our group of 75 to the show!

Speaking of tickets, as an Evening Sponsor you’ll also be receiving tickets to events like Renee Fleming and Boz Scaggs. What inspired you to join The Music Halls’ Corporate Sponsor program?

Vicki and Tod O’Dowd from Avery Insurance were instrumental in getting us involved.  They are great supporters of the arts and other non-profits in the area. When they spoke so highly of their experience with The Music Hall, it was an easy decision for us to learn more.  We have been to many events at The Music Hall over the years so being able to provide support in this way is very rewarding.

Is there anything else you would like to add about being a Music Hall sponsor?

We are excited to be involved! Our experience so far has been wonderful. The team at The Music Hall is a pleasure to work with and I would encourage any business or individual in the area who would like to learn more about supporting The Music Hall to do so.

We’re celebrating 140 years at The Music Hall and we intend to be here for another 140 years or more. We’re committed to our community. What does a long-term relationship mean to you? Why does Lake Street Advisors put such emphasis on a long-term, holistic approach to wealth management?

With good stewardship, the families we work with are building legacies that are likely to last for generations.  We believe we play an important role in that process and from our perspective, the only way you can fulfill that responsibility is by taking a holistic approach and having a long-term (multi-generational) lens for making decisions.    

On a more personal note, being a Buddy do you feel a special kinship with Buddy the elf?

Haha, well unfortunately, I do not know Santa personally but I have been known to enjoy a sweet or two…especially during the holidays. Does that count?

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