News from the Literary World

It’s been wonderful to see your faces in the audience and names on our screens! We’ve explored so many new venues for entertainment: different genres, platforms (Zoom and Crowdcast), outside the theater and in. And through it all, you’ve shown up! Thank you. I hope you’ve been entertained and have fallen in love with new books as I have. (My grandmother recently discovered C.J. Box, Ace Atkins, and Paul Doiron thanks to our events!) As we go about planning future events, your support keeps us going.

Truth time: As with the rest of the world, planning and programming during a pandemic have not been easy. Not for a lack of trying! We tried to give you a mix of virtual and in-person so there’s something for everyone’s comfort level. But in the literary world, the ever-shifting conditions have meant publishers and authors are hesitant to book large tours, and audiences are Zoomed out.

As we head into Fall, keep an eye out for last-minute announced shows (a new standard) with authors in our enews and on socials! We will also be turning a majority of our attention to Spring 2022, focusing on the safe return to in-person events. With help from our series partners, we are working together to get the best of the best for you.

I would love to hear from you! What are you comfortable with, at this time and later in the year? Who would you like to see at The Music Hall? And always, what are you reading now? Let me know if you’re reading any new and exciting books. I love hearing from my fellow bookworms! I, for one, am halfway through Mill Town by Kerri Arsenault. I hope to see you on Thu., September 9 at our Live Under the Arch event with Kerri and moderated by our very own Tina Sawtelle. It’s the last literary event in the books, for now, so get your tickets ASAP and we can save you a seat!

Happy Reading!