ON SALE NOW: Brett Eldredge brings his electrifying tour to The Music Hall!

This is a show we’ve been holding in for a while and we. could. not. wait. any. longer! Country superstar Brett Eldredge is coming to The Music Hall on Fri., September 2!

Tickets for this show are on sale now to all! Get yours before they sell out!

Brett Eldredge is about to set a new bar with his forthcoming album, Songs About You, due June 17. Candid in its approach and backed by an uncluttered, minimalistic soundscape, each of the 12 co-written songs finds the Warner Music Nashville artist getting raw and unfiltered in a way rarely attempted in country music – or anywhere else. The LP shines a light on themes like fear and desire, a public struggle with anxiety, and his newfound appreciation for self-acceptance. And yet, despite the understated arrangements and live horns, the album’s defining characteristic is still Eldredge’s cavernous, signature vocals. 

Artist Underwriting Made Possible By: Paul and Jessica McKeon Charitable Giving; Black Rock Sports Club, David and Karen Della Penta, and Stephen A. Gaykan