Solve Your Holiday Entertaining Dilemmas with Annie!

That plucky little Annie is at it again and you won’t want to miss this quintessential holiday show! This year’s holiday musical is heartwarming and hilarious—perfect for all ages and walks of life and if you have a big group of people, you get a special discount on Annie tickets! 

Want to do something out-of-the-box for your team or staff this year? Skip the extra work of throwing a holiday party and bring them to see Annie! The Broadway-level performance is a high-quality and family-friendly way to treat your team. You can bet your bottom dollar that they (and the HR department) will appreciate it!

Got family in town for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Step away from the screens and come down to the theater for an experience that will delight. Bring the whole family, Grandma Gertie, and cousins Tim and Tom, and spend quality time together. Rally the neighborhood! See the family-friendly show that will knock everyone’s socks off.  

Get 15% off when you bring a group of 15 people or more to Annie. Call or email Drew Lamoureux at 603.766.2203 or