Sponsor Spotlight: D.F. Richard Energy

This season we are excited to be partnering with D. F. Richard Energy on a new initiative, a pilot scholarship program designed to bring as many as 600 students from local Title I schools to our perennially popular School Days Series free of charge. With generous support from D.F. Richard, The Music Hall will provide scholarship schools complimentary tickets, transportation, and lunches for select School Days Series performances to ensure this opportunity is accessible, particularly to those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to attend.

For this month’s Sponsor Spotlight, I had an opportunity to ask D.F. Richard’s CEO Rick Card a few questions about their support and community involvement.

Allison Crosscup: Can you tell us a little about D.F. Richard Energy and its history?

Rick Card: We are a local family owned business in Dover NH.  Our focus has been the same since Danny Richard started the business in 1932; it is all about the customer. That is how we continue to operate today.

AC: D.F. Richard is a long-time supporter of The Music Hall as well as numerous other organizations across our community. Why is giving back such an important part of your business?

RC: We live in the communities we service. They are our friends, neighbors, family so when they ask for our help we do what we can.

AC: What interested you most about the School Days Series scholarship program?

RC: Technology is a great thing but getting our children out from behind their cell phones and participating in a group setting is invaluable. It is about communicating and interacting. What better way than through a program like this.

AC: What do you enjoy about partnering with The Music Hall, and what would you tell other businesses that may be interested in sponsorship?

RC: The Arts teaches children and young adults how to express themselves, build confidence and self-esteem.

AC: Is there anything else you would like to add about being a Music Hall sponsor?

RC: The Music Hall is a great local venue to experience music, comedies, guest speakers, documentaries, dance, foreign films, authors and the list goes on. Normally you would have to go a big city to experience such diversity.  How wonderful is it that we can experience it all within one of our local communities?