Staff Highlights: Drew Lamoureux

If you’ve ever walked up to the Box Office, you’ve probably seen Drew Lamoureux, our Outreach Liaison & Group Sales Coordinator, behind the desk slinging tickets. Let’s find out more about Drew’s passions and get his recommendations for White Christmas!

How’d you find your way to The Music Hall and how long have you been here? Does your background complement your work?
This August will mark three years since I began working at The Music Hall. I had previously been an Account Executive with the Maine Red Claws (NBA G-League affiliate of the Boston Celtics), focusing on group sales. When I met with Mark Pruett, the Director of Ticketing, he told me The Music Hall would like to expand their outreach to bring more large groups to the theater. At that point, I knew it would be a good fit. Being born and raised in Kittery, Maine, I feel very fortunate to work at a place that has such deep roots in the community.

You’re the person in charge of group sales for our shows with the Ogunquit Playhouse. Do you have any recommendations for folks looking for the best tickets at this year’s production, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas?
Absolutely! In my opinion, the best place to sit for a show like White Christmas is the balcony. There is so much happening on stage, so that vantage point really lets you take it all in. Also, there are usually great seats available for mid-week shows. If you can target a Wednesday or Thursday performance, then you will find great seats!

You’re a big sports fan, do you see a connection between sports and the arts?
I would say the only connection is that it is a form of entertainment and that the fans/patrons are very passionate. There are many differences though. With theater, I feel like it’s always positive. Everyone is on the same team. You’re always walking out of the theater happy, but with sports, that’s not always the case. Sports can break your heart. For example…it’s not going to be easy watching Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski play for the Bucs this year.

What has been your favorite show? What are your favorite moments from over the years?
One of the first shows I was able to see after I started working at The Music Hall was actually White Christmas in 2017. I was kind of a newbie and hadn’t seen much theater prior to that. It really opened my eyes to how incredible it can be. It was such an awesome show! I also enjoy the Telluride by the Sea film festival every year. It’s an opportunity to see films that haven’t been widely released yet (Shape of Water, Hostiles, and Ford v. Ferrari were my favorites over the years). Trombone Shorty at the Historic Theater and Jalen N’Gonda at the Loft were super cool too!

When you’re not at the theater, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a big Boston sports fan, so anytime the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, or Red Sox are playing…I am watching it. I enjoy playing pool with my father, horseshoes, cornhole, poker, hanging out with friends, cookouts with family, and playing fetch with Charlie! I’ve been watching a lot of movies during quarantine; I enjoy pretty much anything directed by Scorsese, Nolan, or Fincher.