Staff Highlights: Michael Tucker

Sometimes we’re asked who is that man in the Annie wig, or who is dancing during our staff meetings, or who is building something at the Hall. Michael Tucker is that man, and this week, our Director of Operations told us some facts about the Hall we didn’t even know!

Can you tell us a little bit about all that you do at The Music Hall and how you got into it?
I’m the Director of Operations at the Music Hall. I started my career at the Hall just running the front of house. After two years, I was promoted to Director of Operations. I now oversee the Front of House, Production, and Facilities Departments. I’m also in charge of the Joint Loss Safety Committee and Facilities Committee. Over the years, this position has given me the chance to learn something new every day, which is why I enjoy my job so much.

You auditioned for Annie and have done some less than serious acting for The Music Hall, but you have a professional background as an actor, director, and teacher. Can you tell us more?
I have an MFA from the Actors Studio in NYC. I was fortunate enough to have been given numerous wonderful roles throughout my career. I was able to perform in NYC and I even did children theater for a year and played difficult roles such as a parrot and a dragon. As an actor, I always loved the rehearsal process more than I did the performance; because of that, it led me to teach a Master Class at New England College for a number of years that would culminate in a fully-staged performance. I really loved working with the student actors and to watch them build their own process.

What has been the best advice you have received as an artist? 
Don’t suck. My mentor Gene Lasko would always encourage me to look outside the box and discover new ways for your character to interact with the scene through your 5 senses.

As Director of Operations, you really understand all the nuts and bolts of the theater. Tell us one thing about The Music Hall that most people don’t know?
That’s a tough one…Did you know the stage was pushed back in 1901? New opera boxes were added with additional space to the stage area? Or that we had a galvanized steel trash can lid as a chandelier for 50+ years?

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?
I think the current Infrastructure project has been my favorite. It was wonderful to be part of the arch and the new marquee but making sure that the bones of the theater are safe for years to come makes me the proudest.

You’re always tinkering with new hobbies. We hear you’re building your own canoe at home? Tell us more!
I just cannot stop learning, I try and challenge myself to learn something new every day, without judgment. I typically get a lot of that at work but it has really started to blossom in my personal life. I have started to learn how to sew on vintage 1930 Singer sewing machines and I just made a tool bag and a messenger bag. I’ve also started to really enjoy woodworking and now challenging myself to handbuild a canoe. I’ve recently begun learning to make dioramas with models that I’ve handbuilt and painted. So many dorky things, but I won’t stop, I can’t stop.