Staff Highlights: Suzanne Patrakis

We’re taking this time to highlight our staff of arts professionals to hear more about how they got here, what they’re listening to, and what they do behind the scenes. Let’s get to know our Senior Accountant, Suzanne Patrakis!

How did you find yourself at The Music Hall? Why did you want to bring your accounting background to the arts?
I had worked for the Telluride Film Festival and had my sights on The Music Hall when the film festival left town. Working in the arts is the most fulfilling industry. The model is to mix business with pleasure! I get to be part of an organization that brings people together for an enjoyable experience and have fun while I’m doing it.

What has been your favorite show or moment here?
There have been so many great shows. I think my favorite moment was watching the marquee and blade installation. The exterior of the building, with her pink facelift and bright lights, looks so pretty and now matches the beauty inside the theater.

You often can be found playing music while at your desk? Who are some of your favorite musicians?
Lately, I’ve been listening to David Bowie, 16 Horsepower, The Detroit Cobras, Pink Floyd, Pharrell Williams, Colter Wall, Snail Mail, Led Zeppelin, old Metallica, and Prince.

What do you like to do in your spare time? We hear you’re quite the yogi!
Yes! I do the yoga. I’ve been able to go on a few yoga retreats the past couple of years which have taken me to places I’ve always wanted to travel to. Earlier this year I went to Cartagena, Colombia which was beautiful and fascinating! I’m interested in architecture and history so it was neat to learn about how and why the city was built as it was. I also like to walk locally to gaze at buildings and to explore historical sites.

You keep us informed on health care updates and sometimes act as a guinea pig for new healthcare benefits. Can you tell us more?
Mostly I try to navigate the websites of our healthcare providers and the offshoot websites they often redirect us to for specialized services. I want to know where everything can be found and how easy or difficult it is to access. When someone is not feeling well, the last thing they need is to search for information and figure out how to best utilize the health plan.