Telluride by the Sea Tips & Tricks

Prepare for TbtS with a few tips and tricks we’ve learned over the past 20 years.

BUY A PASS All year long, most of us carefully choose what movies we’d like to go out (or remain on our couch) to watch. Here’s a chance to maybe challenge yourself to try a film that might not initially draw you. Commit to the weekend and know that you may not love every film, but perhaps your horizon will be broadened. Passes get you preferred seating for all films, an invite to Saturday night’s Festival Party, and admission to pass holder-only Loft films. Did you already get your pass? Don’t forget to take advantage of the parties, including the opening night party at our Presenting Sponsor’s shop, LaBelle Winery

PLAN AHEAD Give yourself extra time for parking. While The Music Hall staff can survive entirely on popcorn alone, we don’t recommend it for everyone. Make a plan to enjoy at least one of Portsmouth’s outstanding restaurants (many of whom are our neighbors and members at The Music Hall) and don’t forget to make a reservation in advance! And you can review our parking tips online.

REPRESENT TBTS Don’t forget to buy shirts and other merchandise ahead of time! This year, order online and pick from a wide range of products and colors, so you can get exactly what you want in advance. Order at

DRESS FOR WEATHER Plan for inclement weather. Waiting in line is seldom anyone’s favorite activityleast of all waiting in line wet. Comfy shoes and layers are generally a good idea too.

PASSHOLDER LOFT SERIES Check out the weekend’s Loft series: films chosen based on a theme and in some way related to Telluride Film Festival in Colorado. These films are only for pass holders. Patron Passholders get first seating.

NEW STREETSCAPE The new and improved Chestnut Street now has smooth granite benches, lush greenery, and a non-slip street! Not only are there more places to sit, but also the street is much easier to walk on. Take in the lovely new path and admire the arch and marquee while you wait.

If you have a question, look out for Music Hall staffers. They’re the ones running around with STAFF on their backs. And don’t forget to keep an eye out on social media and our blog for updates and special announcements!