Thank you, Thank you!

If you listen in on any of The Music Hall’s meetings or even in the hallway of our Admin offices at The Loft, one word that comes up daily is “gratitude.” Gratitude for those who show up for us, send kind notes, smile under masks or over Zoom; for those who donate their time as a volunteer or on our Board, or their funds via memberships, donations, or tickets. Thank you to everyone who kept us open. 

If you can’t tell by the list of shows on our calendar, we’re open! Our theater and the outdoor Live Under the Arch (LUTA) series are back! We’ve got something for everyone’s interest and comfort level: Indoor, outdoor, and livestreaming music (with artists representing nearly every genre known to man); authors and writers stepping back on stage or Zooming in from afar; and more! Tune in or come on down—we can’t wait to see you! 

We couldn’t offer any of this programming without the love and support of our sponsors, many of whom graciously continued their sponsorship, even when the shows or films weren’t playing. A huge thank you to Hampton Ford Hyundai who waited in the wings for our film program to return and whose fantastic reel will soon grace our screens once again. With friends like these, our future remains hopeful. This bunch of art professionals is thankful for every day we get to keep doing what we are passionate about. Thank you.