The New Normal: Times They Are a-Changin’

At The Music Hall, we strive to bring the best acts and shows to the Seacoast. But as the world of entertainment and booking changes around us, we have to adapt our timeline for when we announce and put these events on sale. Now it seems that more often than not, we are announcing and putting new shows on sale outside of our usual schedule. As this is becoming the new “normal,” we still want to make sure you know what’s coming up and when.

You will still find new shows listed here on the On Sale page of our monthly magazine. These shows will go on sale on the First Saturday of the month as usual. But be on the lookout for drop-ins—events that go on sale outside of our set schedule. These shows can get announced at any time. Whether it be a tour announcement or last-minute booking that makes these shows appear out of the blue, rest assured we’ll be letting you know, but enews is your best bet for staying on top of drop-in shows.  

The curators (Thérèse LaGamma, Chris Curtis, Margaret Talcott, and myself) all work within the set schedule but remain flexible as more and more acts are asking us to break that schedule. As Thérèse says, “our flexibility and adaptability allows us to book bigger acts and attractions, and brings more diversity and talent to our stage.” Being nimble helps us keep up with trends and book the most exciting shows so we can continue to bring you the entertainment you are looking for.

Why do drop-in shows happen? On occasion, acts announce their whole tour at once, where if we’re not a part of it, you might not know until all of the good seats are taken. To give you the best chance of getting your tickets, we announce at the same time as these big tours. When we lock down a fantastic act last-minute, we might have missed the magazine’s deadline—these shows get announced via our enews as soon as possible so you can catch them in time.

So how do you stay connected and informed on new events coming to The Music Hall? Signing up for our email newsletters (enews) is the best way to stay updated. And follow us on social media for “soft announces,” so you don’t miss out on these little surprises. And, as always, visit our B2W Box Office often!