The Reviews Are in for Erik Larson’s New Book!

“There are countless books about World War II, but there’s only one Erik Larson”

“Nonfiction king Erik Larson is back.”

“…Larson’s skill at integrating vast research and talent for capturing compelling human dramas culminate in an inspirational portrait of one of history’s finest, most fearless leaders.”

The bestselling author Erik Larson returns to Writers on a New England Stage on March 26 with his latest, The Splendid and the Vile.

Larson presents a pivotal time in Winston Churchill’s career as prime minister—on his first day, Hitler invaded Holland and Belgium. The book covers Churchill’s first year, when the Blitz killed thousands of Britons and London was under constant attack. Using sources that only recently became declassified, Larson shows the day-to-day life of Churchill and his family in ways both political analysis and domestic drama, all leading to how Churchill got President Franklin Roosevelt on board, and, ultimately, led the country with eloquence and courage.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the new sources Larson consulted and I can’t wait to hear his conversation with Peter Biello of NHPR on March 26. I hope to see many fellow history buffs and literary minds there!