We Love You, Miss Hannigan!

The spectacular Sally Struthers returns to The Music Hall in the Ogunquit Playhouse production of Annie this month, and we couldn’t wait to catch up with her! Sally is a two-time Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award winner for her performance in the groundbreaking TV series All in the Family. Her credits include, but are not limited to, 9 to 5, Gloria, Still Standing, and Gilmore Girls. In addition to the several Broadway roles, Sally played the coveted role of Miss Hannigan for the 20th Anniversary National Tour of Annie. In 2017, Sally has graced our stage before as Martha Watson in White Christmas. Sally will reprise her Broadway Tour role as Miss Hannigan, absolutely stealing the show as the villainous orphanage director whose change of heart comes just in time for Christmas.  

We’re so excited to have you back on our stage for Annie! What are you most looking forward to about this show? 

Children and animals are my two favorite groups on the planet; being part of the Annie cast provides me with both.

You’re reprising your role as Miss Hannigan. What is your favorite part about playing her? 

After 35 years of reaching out to aid the hungry and disenfranchised children of the world, it is delicious to play a woman who can’t stand children.

Do you have any family traditions for the holidays? How does theater play into the holiday season? 

My family has always sung carols before opening our Christmas presents and now my daughter has carried on that tradition with her friends. Being active in show business has always made it difficult for me to get home for the holidays, but in my 72 years of life, I have missed only 4 times being at home with my family in Portland, Oregon.

What can we all expect for this Ogunquit Playhouse at The Music Hall production of Annie

I have learned over my almost two decades of performing at The Ogunquit Playhouse that an audience can expect sheer perfection when they attend any one of their productions. In the case of Annie, the audience experiences children, a dog, Christmas, and LOVE. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Join us for a healthy dose of love, laughter, and lasting memories at Annie this year with Sally, friends, and family.