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Sharing the Theater Experience Community

Sharing the Theater Experience

I’m standing in the back of a sold out show in the Historic Theater. The crowd is rowdy until the lights go down to a chorus of “Shhhhs.” Then the stage lights come on and the dinosaurs come out and the audience fills with appreciative “Ooohs” and delightful chuckles. This is not your average Music Hall show but it is one of my favorite activities: I’ve come to watch a School Days Series matinee performance of Dragons Love Tacos and Other Story Books. Read More
Where there’s food, there’s waste. Community

Where there’s food, there’s waste.

A very unfiltered Anthony Bourdain, the producer of “Wasted,” is passionate about this subject.  The film also features world-renown chef Mario Batali, a world renowned chef, who regaled us at the Music Hall last year. Mario is devoted to reducing food waste. Read More
Show + Tell: School Life Community

Show + Tell: School Life

I’m not always in the mood for a quiet movie in a beautiful setting with a positive message and appealing characters. After all, I rank Pulp Fiction and The Usual Suspects among my all-time favorites and I know the energy a good villain can bring to a story. But from the moment I heard about School Life, the movie we’re going to be discussing on Tuesday night in The Music Hall Loft, I found myself looking forward to it with real anticipation. Read More
Let’s Talk Community

Let’s Talk

I’ll never forget reading the story of the Stanford Sexual Assault Survivor. I can’t imagine the strength that it took for her to stand up, face her attacker, and tell the world her story. To then watch it downplayed by the justice system because her attacker was a star athlete really stuck with me. I wondered what kind of message we were sending, not just to the children watching this play out in the news, but to the other people who had suffered the same way this woman had, or worse what does this say to the people who have committed this crime. Read More
Becoming Wise With Krista Tippett Explore and Learn

Becoming Wise With Krista Tippett

I have a confession, I am not a public radio listener. I know, I know, I missing out on a lot of great content, but I just don’t listen to the radio. So in December, when our Writers on a New England Stage producer Margaret Talcott told me that we had booked Krista Tippett, I didn’t understand just how cool it was. After talking to Monte (Director of Marketing and my NPR authority), I took to Google. After reading through several interviews with her and listening to a couple of her podcasts, I was blown away. If you’re like me, and you’ve yet to discover Krista, check out my interview and get your ticket to see her at our Historic Theater on Thursday, March 2. Read More
Music Hall Film Club: See and be Seen with a Screen Explore and Learn

Music Hall Film Club: See and be Seen with a Screen

The Loft, which feels like the world’s most luxurious screening room, seemed the perfect venue for a new program that would mix cinephilia with socializing. And so, we give you The Music Hall Film Club: think of it as “See-and-Be-Seen-With-a-Screen”. We meet monthly to enjoy and schmooze about movies presented in a series format, each series lasting six months. The Film Club is a chance to binge a little more on, and learn more about, some aspect of movies, be it a particular film artist, like Orson Welles, or a whole genre, like Hollywood musicals. Read More
Discovering the best at the Loft Explore and Learn

Discovering the best at the Loft

I’m a big fan of the shows at the Loft, it’s like being the first one to know a secret. As I scan through the many lists of the Best Artists You Haven’t Heard of Yet I alway smile to myself as I count the ones that we’ve welcomed to our intimate theater on Congress Street. Read More

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