Dog Days & School Days

Our Director of Marketing & Communications, Monte Bohanan, caught up with his kids Eli (11) and Izzy (7) at the Loft and bribed them with popcorn and Shirley Temples to talk about their experiences at our School Days Series.

Monte: You two have come to quite a few School Days shows, what is your favorite part about coming here with your class?

Eli: I like sitting in the balcony. And I love it when the curtain goes up and everybody gets really quiet just before the show starts.

Izzy: I like to sit with all my friends and watch the show. We saw Clementine, Cat in the Hat, and Dragons Love Tacos. That one was my favorite because if the Dragons ate a spicy taco, their fire exploded.

Monte: Do you ever talk about the shows or do activities in your classroom before or after you come to see them?

Eli: I remember we were studying the Civil War and we saw a show about a boy who escaped a slave plantation in the South and ended up fighting for the North. It was really cool.

Izzy: We read the books before we see the show and talk about the characters and the story.

Monte: What was your favorite moment from any School Days Show that you’ve seen here?

Eli: The lightsaber battle on stage and in the aisles during the [Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra Star Wars] show! It. Was. Awesome.

Izzy: I was here to see Clementine on my birthday and you got everyone to sing me Happy Birthday!*

The School Days Series starts up again in October, with awesome shows based on books, music, and more!

*Not your typical experience.