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Desk Tour: Deborah Pickett Desk Tours

Desk Tour: Deborah Pickett

Today, I thought I’d introduce you to a face many of you all know very well, Deborah Pickett our Assistant Front of House Manager and Volunteer Outreach Manager. Deb, a devoted mother and grandmother, manages all of our amazing volunteers and makes sure that when you come see a show you have the best experience possible. I caught up with her to talk about her “desk”, what her favorite show at the TMH has been, what her spirit animal would be, and so much more. I hope you enjoy getting to know Deb better as much as I have! Read More
Desk Tour: Wesley Lovell Desk Tours

Desk Tour: Wesley Lovell

This week as I was trying to figure out what to write my blog about, I realized that I hadn’t take you all on a desk tour in almost a year. So I dug up my questions and headed over to the Box Office to visit Wes and to interrogate, or interview him about his desk. Thankfully, Wes is a good sport, and very used to having to do crazy social media things for me, so he took some time to answer my questions. Check out our conversation below, and next time you’re at the box office say hi! Read More
Desk Tour: Sara Turner Desk Tours

Desk Tour: Sara Turner

This week, I caught up with Sara Turner, our new Institutional Giving Manager and Corporate Liaison. We took a tour of her desk (it’s full of fun objects), chatted about her position here, and even discussed what her spirit animal is. Read More
Desk Tour: Ashleigh Tucker Pollock Desk Tours

Desk Tour: Ashleigh Tucker Pollock

We have a pretty great team here at The Music Hall, and I’m excited to introduce them to you through a new blog series “The Music Hall Staff Desk Tours”. Seeing as the inspiration for this came from our beloved Kitchen Tour, that happens to be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, I thought it was only fitting to start with the force behind the Kitchen Tour, Ashleigh Tucker Pollock. Check out my interview with Ashleigh and find out what her favorite things on her desk are, what she thinks her desk says about her, and what her favorite aspect of the Kitchen Tour is. Enjoy! Read More
Coming soon, Music Hall Staff Desk Tours Desk Tours

Coming soon, Music Hall Staff Desk Tours

The other day I was talking about one of my coworkers to someone who frequents The Music Hall, much to my surprise, they didn’t know who that person was. I got to thinking about how many people we have on staff that you, our fabulous patrons, might not know. I started to think about different fun ways to highlight the people who work here, I wanted to do something that highlighted all of the different personalities, while giving you an insider’s look at what happens behind the scene in the offices. Read More

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