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Life Backstage with Valerie June Uncategorized

Life Backstage with Valerie June

Blending folk, soul, blues, and Appalachian traditional elements into a refreshingly timeless sound that sits outside any particular musical era, Valerie June stands in a long and storied line of unique performers in Memphis, a city with a still vibrant music scene even into the 21st century. Deputy Director of Programming, Thérèse LaGamma, caught up with her before her recent performance at The Music Hall. Read More Read More
Life Backstage: Mokoomba Community

Life Backstage: Mokoomba

In our second installment of Life Backstage we sat down with Mokoomba, who hail from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Their sound is vibrant and distinct, combining traditional Tonga and pan-African music cultures with dashes of Rap, Ska, Soukous, and Afro-Cuban music. They appeared as part of our Live @ the Loft series. Our Deputy Director of Programming, Thérèse LaGamma caught up with them just before their show.       Read More Read More

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