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Show & Tell: The Wife

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A conversation with Dan Brown Uncategorized

A conversation with Dan Brown

This month, Patricia Lynch, Executive Director and Executive Producer of Writer on a New England Stage talked with celebrated author Dan Brown, who will be joining us at the Historic Theater on Thursday, November 9 with his newest book, Origin. Learn more about his perfect Seacoast day, his foray into modern art, and what advice he’d give to young authors, and make sure to get your tickets to see him talk about his new book. Read More Read More
Becoming Wise With Krista Tippett Explore and Learn

Becoming Wise With Krista Tippett

I have a confession, I am not a public radio listener. I know, I know, I missing out on a lot of great content, but I just don’t listen to the radio. So in December, when our Writers on a New England Stage producer Margaret Talcott told me that we had booked Krista Tippett, I didn’t understand just how cool it was. After talking to Monte (Director of Marketing and my NPR authority), I took to Google. After reading through several interviews with her and listening to a couple of her podcasts, I was blown away. If you’re like me, and you’ve yet to discover Krista, check out my interview and get your ticket to see her at our Historic Theater on Thursday, March 2. Read More Read More
Beach Reads and Best Selling Authors Uncategorized

Beach Reads and Best Selling Authors

I’m a sucker for a good beach read, and this weekend, as I was packing up my beach bag, I noticed that the two books that I grabbed were by two of the three authors coming to The Music Hall this month. Once the weather gets warmer, I find that I gravitate to fun fluffy books. Thankfully, for my reading habits our Writers Series is packed full of great summer reads this month. Read More Read More
Grace, Style, and YouTube In Brief

Grace, Style, and YouTube

I used to think that I was on top of pop-culture trends. I read Vanity Fair and watch E News from time to time, but I’ve discovered that I have missed a whole pop culture phenomenon, the YouTube celebrities. When I was a teenager, we had the Hilton sister, Britney Spears, the Spice Girls and other “party girls” in short dresses dancing on tables, today the girls have Miranda Sings! and Grace Helbig wearing jeans and t-shirts broadcasting on YouTube. Never heard of them? Me either. Read More Read More

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