1878 Legacy Society Member Spotlight: Jude Blake

The Music Hall is fortunate to have a circle of friends who have pledged their support in the form of planned or legacy gifts that will fund our activities for years to come. To recognize their interest in ensuring our continued vitality and relevance, we created the 1878 Legacy Society, named for the year our storied hall was built. Jude Blake, an active philanthropist on the Seacoast and a member of the 1878 Legacy Society, shared her thoughts on planned giving.

Why did you become involved with The Music Hall and what motivated you to build a lasting legacy?
When I moved to Portsmouth about 12 years ago, I looked to get involved with and support local organizations that made my new community vibrant and strong. The Music Hall impressed me with their solid leadership and great programming for kids, families, and music lovers. I immediately fell in love with the theater for the wide variety of shows and educational experiences it provides. The Music Hall, meaning its members, volunteers and staff became like a family to me. When I walk through those doors, I am never alone; it is a friendly and welcoming place. By spending time at The Music Hall, I broadened my own knowledge of so many things that make life here interesting and exciting. I then learned about the positive financial impact that The Music Hall has on the greater Seacoast area. Leaving a bequest will ensure that The Music Hall has the resources to support important strategic initiatives that will enable it to contribute to this thriving community for years to come.

What are some of the ways people can support the organization via a Planned Gift, and what was your experience?
There are many ways to leave a planned gift. The Music Hall can be a named beneficiary of an IRA or a Life Insurance policy. Or it can be named in a will or an estate trust. My dear friend, Harry Schult so loved The Music Hall that he named them the recipient of his IRA. Harry’s gift provided the funds needed to purchase the current ticketing and customer management system that we all benefit from today. Through Harry, I personally experienced the positive impact that a legacy gift can have on a deserving organization. 

Can you describe the advantages of making a Planned Gift now, and why others should consider this vehicle as a way to support the Theater?
A planned gift will benefit the Theater for years in the future. Annual funding is important for supporting the current operational needs of The Music Hall.  But a bequest can be the funds for important initiatives that will keep the Hall and this community brightly lit for the next generation of theater lovers. It is easy to do and it sure feels good!

If you have included The Music Hall in your will or estate plans, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity, make sure the purpose of your gift is understood by the Theater, and recognize you as a member of the 1878 Legacy Society. For more information please contact Gail VanHoy Carolan, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 603-766-2174 or gcarolan@themusichall.org.