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Classic Hollywood: William Wyler

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Save the Date! NH Gives on June 8-9 Community

Save the Date! NH Gives on June 8-9

Together, let’s do something big for New Hampshire! Starting on June 8 at 6 p.m., join The Music Hall and thousands of your New Hampshire neighbors for NH Gives, a 24-hour giving event created by the NH Center for Nonprofits to support New Hampshire’s nonprofits. Read More Read More
Another Round of Shots! Community

Another Round of Shots!

I participated in an unusual bonding experience with my colleagues recently: we went for shots! Don’t think that’s odd? Just wait. Here’s where it gets weird. HR scheduled the shots for us (and even sent us a calendar reminder). Our destination? The Portsmouth Senior Activity Center. Read More Read More
Go Green! Community

Go Green!

We know you appreciate the steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental impact. By switching to a soda gun and incorporating Bluedrop Water’s beautiful fountain system, we eliminated the use of thousands of single-use plastic bottles a year. We’ve also dropped single-use, plastic straws in favor of strawless, compostable cups. Read More Read More
Saving a Seat for Our Sponsors Sponsor Spotlight

Saving a Seat for Our Sponsors

We are always looking for ways to celebrate our sponsors. We love to see representatives from these organizations in the house because that means we can thank them in person. To ensure this happens, and to demonstrate our gratitude, we offer partners tickets and memberships when opportunities allow. Read More Read More
Stronger Together! Sponsor Spotlight

Stronger Together!

When I learned about Together200, a fundraising challenge launched by Jeff Johnston and Mark Stebbins, I was shocked and delighted. How generous - and smart - to leverage their own support for nonprofit organizations to generate a community-wide campaign! Read More Read More

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