An Ode to Popcorn!

Tuesday, January 19 is National Popcorn Day 2021. Naturally, popcorn makes me think of The Music Hall. As an employee, I have constant, complimentary access. There’s just something about popcorn; if someone’s in the office with freshly popped kernels, you cannot resist, you must get your own bucket of the fluffy stuff. It’s just one of those things, like how yawns pass through a room, or how laughter is contagious. 

Lucky for me, here at The Music Hall we serve Popzup Popcorn, so “all you can eat” is truly a benefit. Access to concessions does enhance our compensation package – a hot mug o’ Carpe Diem Coffee to start the day, the aforementioned popcorn break, and to rinse it down, sparkling Bluedrop Water – in an Atlantic Grill souvenir tumbler or a ReVision Energy compostable cup. 

Why am I telling you about my employee benefits? Well, you can enjoy all these things, too; as a patron, but even when you’re not at The Music Hall. Popzup Popcorn is available online or at your grocery store; you can get Carpe Diem Coffee fresh from their roasting facility in North Berwick and Bluedrop Water can set you up with your own water cooler. Our friends at the Atlantic Grill and ReVision Energy would be happy to see you, too. I hear the patio at the AG is open—and heated—all winter, and maybe ReVision Energy could help you create your own heated patio powered by the sun!

As always, I encourage you to support those who support The Music Hall, and to let them know we say Hello and thanks!