Anchor Line Immortalizes Hampton Ford Hyundai

If you’re a frequent film attendee at The Music Hall, you may be following the evolution of our very own cinema star, Jay McFarland. Jay is the owner of Hampton Ford Hyundai, our Presenting Cinema Sponsor. You see him on the big screen prior to every Extraordinary Cinema and Wildcard screening.

Jay and Hampton Ford Hyundai are part of the McFarland automotive family, where shoppers are more than “just a customer.” Jay is also part of The Music Hall family. When Hampton Ford Hyundai first began supporting film at The Music Hall, we connected Jay with Anchor Line, a full service video production company. Anchor Line is a great partner—for The Music Hall and for their own clients—because of their collaborative style. Together they made a trailer featuring Jay. Last year they made it better. And now the team at Anchor Line has outdone themselves with a clip that lets Jay’s quiet yet hilarious personality shine.

I always arrive early so I can grab my popcorn and catch all the previews. I encourage those of you who like to race in at the last minute to do the same. Let the Hampton Ford Hyundai pitch that Anchor Line built be your incentive; the Oscar buzz is thick for this one!  

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